The State Sports Park is coming alive with the building of the $24m State Centre of Football, a $12 million generational upgrade to the Adelaide Super-Drome, planned updates to the State Hockey Centre, construction on the new Roma Mitchell Secondary College Girls' Campus which will be located next door and a Master Plan outlining a new vision for community, as well as elite sports and recreation.

Located at Gepps Cross between the inner and outer northern Adelaide suburbs and bounded by three main roads, the Park covers more than 100ha. In addition, the College, Croatian Sports Centre, Unity Park and Gepps Cross Park are being integrated into the Park’s precincts, which includes Foresters Forest and new mixed-use areas.

State Sports Park Master Plan 2021

    The State Sports Park Master Plan 2021 is a bold new vision for an accessible, green, connected sports, recreation and mixed-use Park, committed equally to sporting excellence and grassroots activities.

    The Plan was developed with planning consultants Jensen Plus, together with key stakeholders, land-owners and the community over 18 months and has resulted in significant collaborative investment. As well as the new State Centre of Football, upgrades to the Super-Drome (including the ‘Wind Tunnel’), the implementation plan, shown below, includes other committed 2021/22 initiatives, as well two further implementation phases.

    The Plan outlines a new vision, guiding principles, activity precincts (sports, recreation, mixed-use), and a framework that guides design for new streets, environment, visitor experience, and materials. It also includes the integration of adjoining public land to form the ‘Greater State Sports Park’.

    The precincts are:

  • Cycling
  • Football (soccer)
  • Hockey and archery
  • Community Recreation
  • Mixed use areas, including the central Sports Park Village
  • Foresters Forest

The development of State Sports Park is a collaboration with key stakeholders such as City of Port Adelaide Enfield, City of Salisbury, Department for Education, and Green Adelaide. In addition, income will be derived from agreements for facility and commercial use. The Park’s full development is envisaged to be completed within a decade, with two broad phases.

Complete funded projects and activities 2021/22:

  • State Centre of Football
  • Super-Drome upgrades (including Wind Tunnel)
  • Roma Mitchell Secondary School Girls’ Campus
  • Player/rider facilities upgrades at Cross Keys BMX
  • Player facilities Gepps Cross Park (cricket, lacrosse)
  • Revegetation Foresters Forest and stormwater detention basins, nature education
  • Commercial market sounding and EOI for mixed-use areas
  • Determine the merits of an Aquatic Centre and fourth pitch for State Centre of Football
  • Establish governance and management entity with key stakeholders
  • Strategically seek government and other funding for staged development
  • Agreements for stormwater, roads, tenure, infrastructure sharing

  • Improve access to and management of Foresters Forest, including trails and picnic
  • Include southern buffer
  • Plan and develop the Criterium Track, including learn-to-ride, carpark and visitor facilities
  • Plan and develop the Northern Archery Hub, to share Hockey carpark and facilities
  • Initiate commercial development of Village, including connection of Anna Meares Way through to Briens Road
  • Improve access and integration with Unity Park, Gepps Cross Park, and Roma Mitchell Secondary College
  • Complete Croatian Sports Centre indoor facility
  • Implement Stormwater Management Plan, including further connections to Unity Ponds and potential Grand Junction Road systems
  • Develop event and placemaking activities
  • Greening activities, including revegetation

  • Develop new intersection with, and road in from, Grand Junction Road
  • Plan and develop Community Recreation Precinct
  • Upgrade Cross keys BMX to regional-level, with roof
  • Hockey Centre renewal
  • Develop indoor Futsal Centre, State Centre Football
  • Upgrade current Anna Meares Way with bike lanes, footpaths, and street trees
  • Further commercial development, into other mixed-use areas too
  • Greening activities, including revegetation

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