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Active State Collaboration Program

Driving sport and recreation initiatives through funding that rewards organisations partnering to develop and deliver projects to get more South Australians active. The Active State Collaboration Program (ASCP) will support to projects that align with the ORSR 2021–2025 Strategic Plan.

Applications open

Key dates

2023-24 applications open: 5 September 2023

2023-24 applications close: Midday on 1 November 2023

Guidelines and budget



Evidence of Partnership form

Budget: $1,462,198

Information sessions

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing will host the following information sessions online, to further support you with your grant application.

Session 1 – Thursday 14 September 2023 at 11:00am - Register

Session 2 – Wednesday 20 September 2023 at 6:00pm - Register

These sessions are for general advice only – if you would like to discuss your project or have specific questions relating to the eligibility of your organisation, please contact the Funding Services team directly.


To be eligible for funding, organisations must:

  • be a not-for-profit, incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act 1985 (SA); or hold a comparable legal status; or
  • be a local Council; and
  • have been operating for 12 months or longer.

Note: organisations that do not identify as a sport or active recreation organisation are only eligible to apply for inclusion-based projects.

The following organisations will be considered ineligible for funding, however, they could be included as partners for a project:

  • individuals
  • state and federal government agencies
  • for-profit organisations
  • South Australian Sports Federation Incorporated
  • organisations that have been operating for less than 12 months
  • an organisation that has overdue ORSR grant acquittals as at the closing date of the application; however, applications may be considered by the Funding Assessment Committee if these overdue ORSR acquittals have been submitted before the first day of the assessment conducted by the Funding Assessment Committee.

Inclusion Projects

For the purposes of this program, and to meet the definition of an inclusion project, the following elements determined by the Funding Assessment Committee should be evident:

  • Evidence of barriers to participation for a particular target group.
  • Strategies to overcome barriers to participation for a target group.
  • Clear strategies and methodology to engage with the target group.
  • Availability of programs offered predominantly for the target group (there may be other participants, but the program focus is on the inclusion of the target group).


All projects must be able to prove a partnership by providing documentation that clearly demonstrates that at least one other organisation is contributing to the development and delivery of the project. Additional partners will be considered favourably within the assessment of the project.

Applicants must show how their project will achieve ORSR 2021–25 Strategic Plan priorities outlined below:

Active lives – Movement, play and performance is embedded into the daily lives of South Australians.

Places and spaces – Places and spaces that encourage and support movement, play and performance are accessible to all.

Strategic partnerships – Community outcomes are delivered through strategic partnerships.

Evidence of partnerships is critical for the assessment process and must be attached and submitted within the online application before the closing date. A template partnership evidence form is available here.

All projects will be required to have a level of co-investment to drive greater returns on ORSR investment. While no minimum percentage is stipulated, the level of co-investment will form part of the assessment.

Applicants may request up to $300,000 per project and up to two years of funding (e.g., an applicant may request $170,000 in year one and $130,000 in year two – for a total of $300,000.) Alternatively, an applicant could request up to $300,000 for one year of funding.

Please note that projects that cannot be acquitted in year one, should apply for a two year project.


Collaboration and partnering

Extent to which:


  • The project demonstrates it will positively contribute to the ORSR 2021–25 Strategic Plan priorities (under Objectives on page 5).
  • The project has multiple partners.
  • Those partners are directly involved/contributing to the development and delivery of the project.
  • The proportion of financial co-investment to the project.

Physical activity and community impact

Extent to which the applicant demonstrates:


  • Participation outcomes of the project.
  • Scope and impact (short and long term) of the project.
  • The project’s support of inclusion, diversity, and/or women and girls’   participation in physical activity.
  • How community outcomes are being delivered.


Extent to which the project:


  • Is an innovative, forward-thinking approach.
  • Is a creative or new idea for a project, partnership, product and/or process.

Use of technology and research

Extent to which the project:


  • Addresses systemic issues to improve operations or outcomes for multiple organisations through the application of technologies or research.
  • Develops and/or utilises/is informed by research.

Delivery and sustainability

Extent to which the applicant shows:


  • Potential for a project to be sustainable beyond funding provided via this grant program.
  • A clear project scope, key milestones and proven ability to complete projects within timeframes.
  • Capacity to finance the project via confirmed co-investment.
  • Skills, capacity and experience to administer and deliver   programs/projects.

For a detailed breakdown of the following process refer to the guidelines.

  1. Apply - applications submitted by organisation via SmartyGrants.
  2. Screening - ORSR screens applications for eligibility.
  3. Assessment - A funding assessment committee assesses applications.
  4. Recommendation Process - Recommendations are provided to the Minister.
  5. Notification - All applicants are notified of outcome.

When unforeseen circumstances occur in the delivery of your grant, grantees can seek to amend the terms or conditions, seek additional time or amend the purpose/outcome of the grant.

If you require an amendment, please contact us with your application number and we will forward an Agreement Variation Request form through SmartyGrants, which will ask what you would like varied and why you need it varied, for that specific grant.

Your Agreement Variation Request will be considered, and you will be notified of the outcome of your request.