Stan Grant to headline 2016 diversity conference

Prominent journalist and social commentator Stan Grant will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Office for Recreation and Sport diversity conference.

The one-day “Diversity: It’s more than ticking a box” conference will be held in Adelaide on Tuesday May the 3rd.

The gathering aims to encourage sport and active recreation peak bodies and clubs to think about how they can encourage a more inclusive approach within their organisations. A key issue will be focusing on the quality of services provided, not just the number of people who come through a club’s doors.

Keynote speaker Stan Grant is an award-winning journalist and a member of the Wiradjuri Aboriginal nation.

His speech on racism in Australia, published online earlier this year, has been viewed more than a million times (and counting).

Stan’s speech at the diversity conference will link the importance of leadership, and the impact of history.

Other speakers will include:

  • Julia Symons, Netball Australia: the ‘One Netball’ program
  • Dr Paul Oliver, Sports Projects Advisor, Australian Human Rights Commission: the power of sport
  • Stephanie Greenland, Inclusive Sports SA: helping clubs become inclusive
  • Joey Wright, National Basketball League coach: insights from his journey as an athlete and coach
  • Ruth Wallace, Indigenous Marathon Project ambassador: promoting health & education
  • Susan Price, PricewaterhouseCoopers: PwC’s approach to workplace diversity, and how the company has risen to #3 in the business world in this area

The target audience for the conference includes government departments, local government, state and national sports bodies (boards, senior leadership, management teams etc) and recreation centres.

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