A new project has been launched to provide free period products at the SA Aquatic & Leisure Centre (SAALC).

The YMCA has teamed up with TABOO, a leading provider of essential sanitary items, to make sports and recreation fair for everyone by providing free and dignified access to period care products.

Six dispenser machines at key locations have been installed at the SAALC, including gym and pool change rooms.

These dispensers will provide both tampons and pads, and address the critical need for accessible period care, highlighted by a study from the Commissioner for Children and Young People SA.

The study found that 1 in 4 girls in South Australia lack proper access to period care, often resorting to less hygienic alternatives like toilet paper.

The initiative aims to support approximately 1.2 million annual visitors, including 18,000 students attending school carnivals, 3,000 participants in Schools Aqua Splash, and 287 MSC club swimmers (57% female).

TABOO’s profits are devoted to reducing period stigma, advocating for change, and providing period care to those who cannot afford it.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing Katrine Hildyard

The availability of facilities and period products is a huge factor in enabling girls and women to equally and actively participate in the sport and recreation they love and experience the many benefits of doing so.

Providing free period products is a huge step forward for accessibility. It also helps to change the narrative around periods, remove any stigma associated with them, normalise discussion and advance gender equality.

I am really grateful to both the Y and Taboo for advancing this initiative and confident it will drive positive change and break down barriers for women and girls.

Quotes attributable to Nadine Kemp, YMCA Victoria GM of Recreation

This initiative is a big step toward making sure everyone has access to free, safe and hygienic period products, which allows more women and girls participate in sports and recreation.

By supporting our community like this, we’re also improving the wellbeing of individuals and creating a healthier, more inclusive environment for everyone.

Quotes attributable to Eloise Hall, TABOO Period Products Managing Director

At TABOO, we fundamentally believe that, wherever there is toilet paper, there should also be accessible period care.

We applaud the Y for providing these essential items, in the quest for gender equality.