Chief Executive Credit Card Expenditure

April 2022N/A
March 2022N/A
February 2022N/A
January 2022N/A
December 2021CE Credit Card Expenditure December 2021
November 2021CE Credit Card Expenditure November 2021
October 2021CE Credit Card Expenditure October 2021
September 2021CE Credit Card Expenditure September 2021
August 2021CE Credit Card Expenditure August 2021
July 2021CE Credit Card Expenditure July 2021

Chief Executive Overseas Travel

April 2022CE Overseas Travel April 2022
March 2022CE Overseas Travel March 2022
February 2022CE Overseas Travel February 2022
January 2022CE Overseas Travel January 2022
December 2021CE Overseas Travel December 2021
November 2021CE Overseas Travel November 2021
October 2021CE Overseas Travel October 2021
September 2021CE Overseas Travel September 2021
August 2021CE Overseas Travel August 2021
July 2021CE Overseas Travel July 2021


April 2022Consultants April 2022
March 2022Consultants March 2022
February 2022Consultants February 2022
January 2022Consultants January 2022
December 2021Consultants December 2021
November 2021Consultants November 2021
October 2021Consultants October 2021
September 2021Consultants September 2021
August 2021Consultants August 2021
July 2021Consultants July 2021

Staff Gifts and Benefits

December 2021Staff Gifts and Benefits December 2021
November 2021Staff Gifts and Benefits November 2021
October 2021Staff Gifts and Benefits October 2021
September 2021Staff Gifts and Benefits September 2021
August 2021Staff Gifts and Benefits August 2021
July 2021Staff Gifts and Benefits July 2021