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Cramped shooters get creative

Cramped shooters get creative

Membership boom leads to need for more room

It’s a good problem to have… More people wanting to join up, and existing members wanting to get more active.

But – how do you squeeze everyone in??

When the shooters from the International Clay Target Club put their thinking caps on, one of the answers was – more safety netting! Immediately, more of the club’s land was available to use as an extra target range.


Not only did this help meet the increased demand from shooters, it’s also been a financial boon. As the club (based at Buckland Park in Adelaide’s north) says:

“This additional capacity provides an improved service to members and visitors, and increased revenue.”

Funds for the extra netting were met by the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing; it contributed $25,000 through Round 43 of the Active Club Program.

Not all of that money went on the netting though: the funding was also used for a new security program, and to help pay for new solar panels. The panels have meant more money in the club’s pockets too:

“The project has achieved great power savings. An estimated $8,000 per year will be saved in electricity costs. Just fantastic!”

Got things that need doing around your club or organisation? Got a bright idea, but need help to make it happen? Find out what’s possible at http://www.ors.sa.gov.au/funding/apply_for_funding/active_club_program.

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