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Sport Ethics & culture


Ethics is the method by which we reinforce acceptable behaviours/values such as moral character, respect, responsibility, compassion, and honesty. This may be through enforcing codes of conduct, rules, by laws, policies. Sport and recreation organisations with good ethics minimise issues and maintain a safe, fair and inclusive environment that enables all stakeholders to focus on their participation and goals.

Policy and codes of conduct templates 

Play by the Rules toolkits


The values and behaviours of an organisation define its culture. It's "the way we do things around here" that establishes the brand of the organisation.

Leadership of the organisation should drive this culture and in many sports, coaches can have a significant impact. Recognising the importance of this and identifying opportunities to make improvements can provide a key to building a strong and successful organisation.

Culture can influence the vitality and viability of an organisation and impact on things such as participation rates, sponsorship and volunteer engagement.

Issues commonly identified in sport as providing a negative cultural influence include going beyond the spirit of the game, verbal abuse, negative coaching behaviours and practices, athletes being pushed too hard by coaches or parents, negative administrative or officiating behaviours and practices.

It is important that members have the opportunity to provide feedback and take ownership of culture change. Consider conducting a club survey or holding a workshop to engage all stakeholders in creating change.

Resources and links

Sample club survey 

Club Culture survey template DOC, 46.5 KB

Ideas for clubs, coaches and parents 

Hints for supporting positive club culture DOC, 47 KB

Fair Enough

To support the ethics and culture message the program "FAIR ENOUGH" has been developed to remind all who are involved in sport the importance of respecting everyone involved.

This program has a series of videos which are available through YouTube and can be used to spread the Fair Enough message. In addition a 5 minute educational video and simple resources are available for a team or club activity.

Fair Enough Respect in Sport Presenter Information PDF, 316.4 KB

Fair Enough Respect in Sport Program Participant Certificate PDF, 1947.74 KB

Fair Enough Presenter Discussion Notes PDF, 209.02 KB

A selection of resources including Fair Enough posters and specific junior sport posters can be downloaded here or contact ORS to enquire about other options.

Fair Enough Graphic with logos JPG, 722.06 KB

Kids Sport Posters - Fair Enough AFL PDF, 297.45 KB

Kids Sport / Fair Enough - Australian Open PDF, 151.68 KB

Kids Sport / Fair Enough Poster - Basketball PDF, 291.71 KB

Kids Sport / Fair Enough Poster - Cricket 5 PDF, 151.65 KB

Kids Sport / Fair Enough Poster - Cricket 3 PDF, 151.7 KB

Kids Sport / Fair Enough Poster - Officials Role Models PDF, 151.63 KB

If you require advice or support with accessing resources please contact 8457 1408.

Fair Enough links closely to the Coloured Shirt Program which supports the respect for beginner officials.