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Insights from a High Performance Coach

Joey Wright, Head Coach of the Adelaide 36ers basketball team, entertained and inspired the audience with his coaching philosophies, his infectious enthusiasm for coaching and his commitment to truly understanding his athletes. A variety of sports attended the evening, held in regional Renmark on Monday 8 May.

Darren Burgess, Head of High Performance at Port Adelaide (AFL) Club engaged and entertained a crowd of almost 200 people on Monday 6 March.

His down to earth approach and honest discussion about his coaching journey and vast knowledge pertaining to many aspects of coaching, gave all in attendance many tips to take away and replicate at lower levels in their own clubs. A truly insightful and valuable evening!

Coach Development Program

Sunday 4 February saw the successful start to the ORS 2018 Coach Development Program (CDP). Twenty nine sub-elite coaches from sixteen different sports joined together to learn more about their own individual coaching styles, team dynamics, success factors required in elite sporting structures and how to build resilience in athletes. The CDP 2018 consists of 15 females, 14 males including 3 SASI, 3 regional, 2 Aboriginal and 4 coaches working in the disability space.

Over the next 5 months, these coaches will be assisted in further developing their coaching skills through compulsory and special interest workshops facilitated by experts in specific learning areas. The special interest workshops are also available to the public. Register here

The CDP is in its third consecutive year with 55 coaches having previously completed the program. The program demonstrates ORS commitment to investing in people, projects and initiatives that increase the capability and capacity of the sporting community.

2018 participants

Becoming an accredited coach

Coaches who are accredited through the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) are recognised by National and State Sporting Organisations and the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).

To become an accredited coach in your sport, contact your State Sporting Organisation and ask about the opportunities that are currently available for sport specific training or find out about our courses.

Essentials for Coaching Children

This highly popular 3-hour introduction to coaching children course is available to all individuals, clubs, associations, schools, councils and other organisations. This course can be accessed in a number of ways.

  1. Register to attend this and many other courses offered at the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing each year.
  2. Request that a presenter from the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing attend your school/club/organisation to present the course. The cost of this is $200 for 10 - 30 people. Email us to arrange.
  3. Present the course yourself where and when you require. Suitably qualified people may register with us to receive the Presenter's Resources. Email us to express your interest.

Course content

For detailed information on the course content visit the Courses page.

Coaching Tips

Coaching Tips 1 PDF, 159.62 KB – Why do kids play and quit sport, what makes a great and not-so-great coach, how does a coach improve?
Coaching Tips 2 PDF, 117.28 KB – The impact of a coach on children, the emphasis on winning, other goals to focus on.
Coaching Tips 3 PDF, 219.45 KB – Legal requirements for keeping children safe, encouraging respect for officials.
Coaching Tips 4 PDF, 117.7 KB – Planning for the season – coach’s checklist, involving parents – example letter/email.
Coaching Tips 5 PDF, 121.8 KB – Planning a great training session – example session plan
Coaching Tips 6 PDF, 126.01 KB – Better coaching techniques – making it like the real game and other coaching methods
Coaching Tips 7 PDF, 119.53 KB – Getting the best from your players and managing children’s behaviour
Training Session Template PDF, 38.19 KB
ECC Video Notes PDF, 2005.85 KB – 3 coaching technique videos on ORS SASI YouTube channel, see link below.

Coaching Videos

A series of coaching and other videos are available on the ORS SASI YouTube channel.

Australian Sports Commission Coach information pages

The Australian Sports Commission provides online resources for coaches and also for those involved in coaching development.

Further Information

For further information on any of the above or for general enquiries, contact the State Coaching and Officiating Centre on orscoachingandofficiating@sa.gov.au or on 1300 714 990.