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Becoming an accredited coach

To become an accredited coach in your sport, contact your State Sporting Organisation and ask about the opportunities that are currently available for sport specific training

Essentials for Coaching Children

This highly popular 3 hour face to face introduction to coaching children training course is available to entry-level coaches, clubs, associations, schools, councils and other organisations. It is a basic introduction to coaching, with the aim of giving new or aspiring coaches the basic skills, knowledge and tips needed to provide an effective, enjoyable sporting experience for all participants.

This course can be accessed in a number of ways.

  1. Register online for a course or
  2. Facilitate training specific for your club or association.

Please contact Sport SA at membership@sportsa.org.au or https://www.sportsa.org.au/trng/ for more information.

Essentials for Coaching Children - Coaching Tips

Coaching Tips 1 PDF, 159.62 KB – Why do kids play and quit sport, what makes a great and not-so-great coach, how does a coach improve?
Coaching Tips 2 PDF, 117.28 KB – The impact of a coach on children, the emphasis on winning, and other goals to focus on.
Coaching Tips 3 PDF, 219.45 KB – Legal requirements for keeping children safe, encouraging respect for officials.
Coaching Tips 4 PDF, 117.7 KB – Planning for the season – coach’s checklist, involving parents – example letter/email.
Coaching Tips 5 PDF, 121.8 KB – Planning a great training session – example session plan
Coaching Tips 6 PDF, 126.01 KB – Better coaching techniques – making it like the real game and other coaching methods
Coaching Tips 7 PDF, 119.53 KB – Getting the best from your players and managing children’s behaviour
Training Session Template PDF, 38.19 KB
ECC Video Notes PDF, 2005.85 KB – 3 coaching technique videos on ORSR SASI YouTube channel, see link below.

Coaching Videos

A series of coaching and other videos are available on the ORSR SASI YouTube channel.

Sport Australia

Sport Australia provides online resources for coaches and also for those involved in coach development.

Further Information

For further information on any of the above or for general enquiries, contact the State Coaching and Officiating Centre on orscoachingandofficiating@sa.gov.au or on 1300 714 990.