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Boxing & martial arts


The boxing and martial arts industry in South Australia is regulated through legislation that promotes safety for contestants involved in these sports.

The legislation is specific to South Australia and is administered under the portfolio of the Minister for Recreation, Sport & Racing through the Boxing and Martial Arts Act 2000.

The Act came into operation in July 2002 and is accompanied by a set of Regulations.

The Act covers compliance requirements for promoters, contestants and trainers of boxing and martial arts events including requirements for a medical clearance for contestants.

The Minister has established a Boxing & Martial Arts Advisory Committee comprising of individuals from the boxing, martial arts, legal and medical professions to advise the Minister on issues relating to the industry.

All professional or public boxing or martial arts events must be conducted within the rules set out in this legislation.

Compliance with the legislation is conducted through the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing. The Office issues licences to promoters and registers contestants and trainers.


Contestant Information and Registration Form
Trainers Application
Medical Forms


Boxing SA
Australian Karate Federation
Australian National Boxing Federation (Professional Boxing)
International Sport Kickboxing/Karate Association (ISKA)
National All Styles
Boxing Australia
SA Sports Medicine Australia
Taekwondo Australia
Muaythai Australia
Australian Taekwondo
Wold Kickboxing Association – Australia
International Sport Karate Association – Australia


Boxing and Martial Arts Act 2000
Boxing and Martial Arts Regulations 2015 PDF, 43.21 KB
Sports Drug Testing Act 2000 Act

For further Information
Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing
PO Box 219, Brooklyn Park SA 5032
Ph: 1300 714 990
Fax: (08) 8429 6124
Email: ORSR.CombatSports@sa.gov.au