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Recreation in SA and at the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing

What is Active Recreation?

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing currently adopts the National Sport and Active Recreation Policy Framework’s definition for active recreation. It is defined as activities engaged in for the purpose of relaxation, health and wellbeing or enjoyment with the primary activity requiring physical exertion, and the primary focus on human activity.

New Recreation Role at ORSR to partner and collaborate

Through the Senior Project Officer – Recreation Industry Support role, the ORSR aims to work alongside other government departments and organisations to increase the quantity and quality of active recreation opportunities in SA through improving spaces, places, accessibility and capacity building. Got an idea? Like to partner with us? Get in touch with the Senior Project Officers - Recreation Industry Support at participation@sa.gov.au.

Trails SA

Trails SA is a website assisting residents and visitors to South Australia experience the State's numerous recreational trails, and to build environmental awareness, fitness levels and social interaction. It is also designed to create economic opportunities for the communities of South Australia. Find a trail in SA to walk, run, bike-ride, horse-ride, canoe, snorkel or scuba.


SA Water VACSWIM is a South Australian Government supported initiative which provides primary school aged children with opportunities to develop a range of skills and positive experiences in the areas of water safety, confidence and competence in the water, personal survival activities and basic aquatic emergency procedures.

Recreation SA

Recreation SA is an independent, member-based organisation with a vision to increase the participation and profile of active recreation in South Australia. They are the peak body for Aquatics, Outdoor Recreation, Community Recreation Centres, Fitness and Health Industries.

Nature Play SA

Nature Play SA aims to make unstructured outdoor play in nature an everyday part of childhood. They provide resources, run events and work with other organisations to help prioritise nature play.

Active Ageing SA

Active Ageing Australia is a registered charity promoting physical activity for a lifetime of health and well-being. They are the peak body supporting active aging information, programs, training, resources, advocacy, policies, practices and collective action.

South Australian Tourism

South Australia is home to award-winning wine, events and festivals. Find places to go, things to do, where to stay and travel ideas on the official tourism website.

National Parks SA

National Parks SA provides information about SA parks, camping and other accommodation, park experiences and ways to get involved in our beautiful land and marine parks.