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Shooting Complexes

Adelaide provides several of the best shooting facilities in Australia, covering all the major disciplines. Both ranges are approximately 45 minutes of the city. South Australia has a proud history of turning out World Champion, Olympic and Commonwealth medallists.

Contact us

State Shooting Park
Park Road (Carmelo Road)
Virginia SA 5120

Caretaker: 0401 123 978

Clubs: see below

Monarto Shooting Complex
Rifle Road (via Ferries Mcdonald Road)
Monarto South SA 5254

Secretary: 0408 803 581

Clubs: see below


State Shooting Park at Virginia (north of Adelaide) and the Monarto Shooting Complex (east of Adelaide) provide a diversity of ranges. Clubs lease the ranges at these sites, and can provide information on opening hours, memberships and competitions.

In addition a Greyhound coursing track is located at the State Shooting Park.

State Shooting Park

Specifications & amenities

  • 20 free pistol bays with returning target systems
  • 10 sets of turning targets for rapid fire sport pistols
  • 3 skeet layouts with automatic loading
  • 2 Olympic trench layouts
  • 6 down the line traps
  • 30 kms north of Adelaide
  • Open for visitors by arrangement, contact the Caretaker

State Shooting Park Clubs

Cyclist Small Bore Rifle Club

The Frontier Shooting Club of SA

SA Hand-gun Metallic Silhouette Club

South Australian Clay Target Association Inc.

Torrens Valley Pistol Club

International Clay Target Club

Greyhound Coursing Track contact

Monarto Shooting Complex

Specifications & amenities

  • Long Range Full-bore Prone and F-class Rifle Shooting out to 1,000 yards.
  • Undercover firing points: Smallbore Prone and Benchrest over 20m, 50m and 90m
  • Standard ISSF, Sports Pistol, Centrefire and Air Pistol, Service Pistol, Sporting Rifle and Shotgun.
  • Metallic Rifle and Pistol Silhouette, Blackpowder Shooting, Big Game Rifle and Benchrest.
  • Undercover firing points - Sihouette to 600 yards, Benchrest to 200 yards.
  • Down the line Trap and Skeet ranges.
  • The complex ranges are not open to the General Public, use of other ranges is by appointment.

Monarto Shooting Complex Clubs

Murray Bridge Rifle Club Inc

Monarto and District Smallbore Rifle Club Inc

Competitive Pistol and Shooting Club Monarto Inc

Sporting Shooters of Australia (SA Inc)

Monarto Clay Target Club