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ORSR Recreational Trails

The state recreational trail network provides walking, cycling and horse riding experiences.  The Mawson Trail with hubs at Melrose, Cudlee Creek and Riverton, the Riesling Trail Network, the Kidman Trail, the Blinman Pools walking trail and the Tom Roberts and Kersbrook Horse trails are part of this network.

Trail information is available through the Trails SA website.

A copy of the Horse Trail Infrastructure Guidelines can be found here.

Please note, recovery operations in the wake of the Cudlee Creek Fire are currently underway in the Montacute/Cudlee Creek area. To allow this work to proceed safely, the following trail closures will be in place from Monday 1 June to Friday 5 June:

  • Mawson Trail (Stone Hut Rd) between Batchelor Rd and Prankerd Road
  • Heysen Trail from Valley Rd to Snake Gully Rd (note – Heysen Trail closures in this section will continue beyond these dates due to ongoing bushfire recovery work in Cudlee Creek Forest Reserve, walkers should check the Heysen Trail website before setting off)
  • Big Range Rd (Fire Track 2) from Valley Rd to Mawson Rd

Montacute Conservation Park will be closed during this period and the existing closure of Cudlee Creek Forest Reserve north of Stone Hut Rd remains in place until further notice.