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Courts resurface leaves tennis club hot to Trott

Courts resurface leaves tennis club hot to Trott

Adelaide club open and hopin’ for plenty of business!

The Southbank Tennis Club is back in business – big time!

Exhibit one: Six freshly repaired, resurfaced and upgraded courts.

Don’t they look great!! (See pic.)

Total project cost: $188,000.

ORSR contribution: $64,000, through the 2017-18 round of the Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program.

Two of the courts, at Trott Park in Adelaide’s south, will be available for community use. All are expected to be very popular. In the club’s words:

“This project will have a profound impact on our future viability on a number of fronts.

“It’s anticipated that additional revenue will be raised through the commencement of a social night tennis competition later in 2019.

“Also, we hope to attract new junior and senior members to our club through the new/upgraded courts.”

Exhibit two: The Southbank club also has a new professional tennis coach!!

The verdict: It all adds up to a very ‘happening’ tennis scene at Trott Park. Certainly, the club isn’t shy about blowing its own trumpet: “With this new momentum and an Open Day for the club to be held on Sunday, September 22 to officially launch the new facility, it's certainly all systems go for us!”

Southbank Tennis Club