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Nets upgrade makes Bice extra nice

Nets upgrade makes Bice extra nice

Cricket wickets revamp delivers for Adelaide club

A popular southern Adelaide cricket club is all set for many more years of heavy traffic, thanks to an overhaul of its practice wickets.

The Stingrays - the Southern District Cricket Club – have 11 teams who regularly pound it out on the 20 practice wickets (and nets) at their Bice Oval home ground, in Christies Beach. (16 of the wickets are surfaced with artificial turf; the remainder are ‘hard’ wickets.)

Each year SAPSASA teams also train at the ground. So… things can get pretty busy! Especially when the pitches have to be regularly rotated to ensure they stay in tip-top condition.

Courtesy of a $25,000 grant from the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing (under Round 43 of the Active Club Program), the wickets are back to their very best – and ready for more!

  • The artificial turf wickets have been refurbished with new nets and new poles
  • Three of the four hard wickets have been widened and lengthened. New artificial turf has been laid on them as well. (The fourth hard wicket, which is available to the general public, was left as is.)

SDCC President Paul Charman is pleased with the result:

“We are grateful for the assistance provided and in particular the flexibility in allowing the grant to be used in a meaningful way.

“The southern area remains deprived of high-level sporting facilities and these funds have assisted the SDCC , as one of the elite clubs in the area, to improve the nets that enable our Premier Cricket men, women and juniors to play in facilities that are appropriate for their level.”

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