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Grand vision

Grand vision

New lights bring hockey dream a step closer

Adelaide Hills Hockey

It’s the ‘home’ ground that’s not very homey…

In fact the Adelaide Hills Hockey Club’s home ground is quite uninviting!

It has a surface that’s not up to scratch. So, no home games… And, it has no lights. So, no training at night-time… (Given the club plays in a winter competition, when pretty much the only time its members can train is after sunset, that’s quite a problem. So much so, the club has had to hire a nearby basketball court for its training sessions!)

Thankfully there’s now light at the end of the tunnel – literally.

The AHHC’s Anembo Park ground (near Littlehampton) has just had a brand-new lighting system installed, so its pitch can finally be used outside daylight hours.

The lighting rig cost $100,000, which ORSR covered with a grant under the 2016-17 round of the Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program.

Now that the ground can be seen at night, the next step is to rip up the old pitch and replace it with a competition-standard surface. (It’s expected to be in place for the 2019 winter season – for more, see http://www.adelaidehillshockey.org.au/news/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_main&NewsID=72501&OrgID=11586.)

Finally, at long last… home sweet home!