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The most fun you can have with a concrete slab!

The most fun you can have with a concrete slab!

New skate park a hit on the Lower Eyre

A big, $285,000 slab of grey concrete is the latest attraction at Cummins, about 70km north of Port Lincoln on the Lower Eyre Peninsula.

Of course, it’s a bit more sophisticated than just a giant concrete pour… All that concrete has been carefully sculpted to form a big new skate park – and it looks good too!

Even before it was finished the project was a big hit, as the Cummins Skate Park Committee can attest:

“Even when the fences first came down and it was surrounded by sticky clay, the park was flat out with users of all ages.

“People have been riding skateboards, scooters and bikes, with numerous children - and adults alike - purchasing new equipment, or planning to do so, so they can join in the fun.”

Plenty of people have been coming from out of town as well to have a go. And there’s more to come:

“Since it opened the committee has further improved the area with additional seating, fencing, paving and the newly laid turf, which are all looking fantastic.

“We are also hoping to soon add a shaded area and a barbecue so that our vision is complete for an area that can be used for free by all ages, and promote good physical health, resilience and wellbeing.”

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing paid for just over one quarter of the project, chipping in $74,000 under the 2017-18 Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program.

Cummins Skate Park