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Worn, torn bowling lawn now clean, green, pristine!

Worn, torn bowling lawn now clean, green, pristine!

Seaside bowling club gets new look

Port Elliot, where the sea is a beautiful blue, and the bowling green is… well, very green – and very new!

Yes – right beside beautiful Horseshoe Bay, the Port Elliot Bowling Club has been rejuvenated with a fresh new bowling green – and the players are very happy.

According to the club, the recent replacement of synthetic green ‘A’ was timely indeed.

“Twelve months ago, with a badly worn (and torn) green, members were reluctant to play on this green, and Port Elliot lost members to neighbouring clubs.

“Additionally, and of real concern, the club had difficulty attracting visitors to tournaments.”

The result was a drop in income, and a worrying future.

Fortunately, ORSR stepped in with a $100,000 grant through Round 1 of the Sporting Surfaces Program. Club fundraising efforts secured the remaining $109,000 needed to pay for the new green.

The turnaround has been remarkable:

“Within two weeks of the opening of the 2018-19 season, with the new green in full use, the club has gained 12 new full members, and the first two tournaments of the year were full and with a waiting list.”

The club now has excellent bowling greens available year-round. And, because it didn’t have to borrow money to fund the improvements, the club has also been able to keep its fees at affordable levels.

Things are rolling along very smoothly indeed!