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Gymnastics SA cuts participation delays. Clubs act to get more on the floor

Gymnastics SA cuts participation delays. Clubs act to get more on the floor

An end to long waiting lists, bottlenecks, frustrations: that’s what would-be participants wanted - and that’s what Gymnastics SA and the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing are delivering!

Gymnastics SA

A major new project has enabled Gymnastics SA to cut waiting lists at some of its busiest clubs by one-third.

It’s called the Participation Growth Program, and it’s helping clubs conquer their waiting list bottlenecks so they can get back to doing what they do best: helping people hit the floor and have fun!

So far ten affiliated clubs have been identified as needing extra assistance.

One of the key steps is giving the clubs space and support to step back and identify the barriers to participation.

  • Then – it’s time to deal with those barriers!
  • Not enough coaches?
  • Increasing the coach workforce allows a club to have more participants training at any one time and offer a wider variety of classes.
  • Last year Gymnastics SA welcomed 38 new ‘Beginner’ coaches.
  • Not enough people to get new coaches up to speed, or upskill current coaches?
  • Four new presenters and assessors have been accredited (a 36% increase on the previous total of 11).
  • Result: in 2018, 36 ‘Beginner’ coaches progressed to Intermediate level; another 58 coaches progressed to ‘Advanced’ status.
  • Not enough space, not enough venues to meet demand?
  • New relationships have been forged with councils and other facilities.
  • Tea Tree Gully Gymsports now has a venue agreement with the local primary school. This has enabled it to open more Gymnastics For All and tumbling classes, which in turn has cut overall waiting lists.
  • What goes on behind the scenes is also a focus:
  • Gymnastics SA has established a partnership with ThinkSmart Software, to help with program scheduling, timetabling and other administrative matters.
  • It might not be as thrilling as an aerial cartwheel or a back-to-back tumble – but it sure makes a difference. As Gymnastics SA says, “Changing a timetable slightly can open extra rotations and therefore more participants can be included in one session.”

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing has funded the initiative, with a $48,000 grant under the Sport and Recreation Development and Inclusion Program.

The scorecard so far: a perfect 10/10!

Contact: Nastashia Buck, General manager Gymnastics SA