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Bog Wars: A new Hope

Bog Wars: A new Hope

Footy field escapes the centre square mire

Hope Valley Sporting Club

You know your footy field is in trouble when its centre square is more suited to mud wrestling than to a display of some Aussie Rules ball-handling skills – or even a decent ball-up!

Slowly, steadily, surely though, mud had become the dominant feature at the Hope Valley Oval, in Adelaide’s northeast.

One problem was the square’s age – it had last been upgraded more than three decades ago.

Another problem: it just wasn’t level. Whenever it rained, the water didn’t drain – it pooled. And that meant mud, mess, and generally terrible conditions for footy (or, over summer, cricket).

Basically, it was a bog.

Rather than fiddle around the edges, it was decided the best bet would be to simply start again from scratch – to dig up the old square, get rid of the bog, re-lay it with fresh turf, and put in a new drainage system.

It cost $40,000 (the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing put in $25,000), but boy was it worth it.

The Hope Valley Sporting Club says since the new square was laid in February 2018, it’s had a good, solid workout (on the busiest weekends the ground hosts up to 15 footy games).

With a bit more time to really settle, by season 2019 the ground should be in absolutely tip-top condition for some ripper Hope Valley performances.

May the force be with them!