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Concrete improvement

Concrete improvement

Rock-hard Roxby gym floor replaced

Well… it might not have been 100% rock-hard… but in anyone’s book parquetry laid on top of concrete is a pretty firm surface!

Especially when you have to play sport on it!!

For many years that concrete-and-parquetry combination was the surface for the many games and many sports played at the Roxbylink Stadium 1 in Roxby Downs.

Understandably, the impact on players’ joints could be pretty intense – especially cumulatively.

At last, those days are over.

The Roxby Downs Council recently oversaw the installation of a new ‘sprung’ floor in Stadium 1 – meaning the floor no longer sits directly on the foundation surface: instead it rests slightly above it on two layers of interlaced slats.

That gap between foundation and floor – in effect, a cushion of air - means there’s more ‘give’ in the floor, making hard landings not so hard.

As the council notes:

“The new floor surface in the gym has seen a great reduction in injuries and for our older athletes it has provided the ability for them to showcase their athleticism in a new-found way.

“The new surface has given the stadium a much needed refresh and vibrant feel.”

The project cost $111,000 to complete, with the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing contributing $45,000 towards it through Round 1 of the Sporting Surfaces Program.

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