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Roasting hot golfers use the sun to keep cool

Roasting hot golfers use the sun to keep cool


Its highest recorded temperature is 48.5 degrees – and days above the 40-degree mark are common (in summer)…

Its lowest recorded temperature is -6 – and there are plenty of days where it’s just plain freezing and the wind bites into your bones (in winter)…

In Roxby Downs the weather can be a terrible torment - so imagine playing golf there!

As it turns out, the diehards from the Roxby Downs Golf Club are more than up to the challenge: their 18-hole, 5683m course (complete with grass greens), is a very popular place for a putt.

Staying comfortable back in the clubrooms is a different matter. That searing summer heat… those freezing winter days…

Fortunately the sun is not just an obstacle, but an aid too. Recently the club installed a new 10kw solar system to gather up some of that radiation and turn it into electricity to power the club’s heating, air-conditioning and lighting.

Ahhhh! Bliss!!

Club spokesperson Adam Malm says apart from the sheer relief of knowing you can head back to a comfortable clubhouse, the solar-generated power will also trim the club’s annual power bill by about $2,000.

Golfers aren’t the only ones who’ll benefit, though: the clubhouse is also used by the local darts club, and by the Olympic Dam Barbarians (the local, *ahem* ‘mild-mannered’ footy team).

And then there are the drop-ins – the grey nomads and other passersby, including those who turn up for the Roxby Downs Open championship (in July) and the club championships (in September).

Not a bad return on a $12,000 investment (courtesy of ORSR, via Round 43 of the Active Club Program)!

Roxby Downs Golf Club