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Piranhas hungry… for success!

Piranhas hungry… for success!

Adelaide swim club building for better things

An up-and-coming Adelaide-based swim club has taken a big step forward, with the addition of new starting blocks and a new timing system.

The Immanuel Piranhas Swim Club began in 2007 and has quickly established itself as a breeding ground for talent.  Based at Immanuel College, in Novar Gardens, it boasts a number of national swim team representatives (past and present), and is regularly among the top performers at South Australian state championships.

Its new timing system and starting blocks (total cost, $52,000*) are expected to help the Piranhas improve even more.

But it’s not just about the physical dimensions of the blocks, or the technical specifications of the timing system. As the club says:

“These have not only significantly improved the quality of training but have also enabled the club to host its first ever Swimming SA-accredited competition meet in October 2018.”

To maximise the new infrastructure’s appeal, the Piranhas worked with their resident swim school, iSwim, to hold a one-week intensive clinic ahead of the October meet. About 120 swimmers took part, many of them from country swim clubs.

The extra training beforehand, and the ‘real thing’ during the actual meet, was terrific for the participants, and cemented the Piranhas’ place on the swim community’s map.

As word spreads of its new infrastructure, the Piranhas are hoping demand for a taste of their top-flight facilities will continue to grow!

*The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing contributed $24,000 to the project through Round 43 of the Active Club Program.

Competition day