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Recycled ‘brown’ water makes Adelaide soccer fields greener

Recycled ‘brown’ water makes Adelaide soccer fields greener

Post-flush, the growth is lush!

The Football Federation of South Australia’s Adelaide HQ now boasts three extra-green pitches, thanks to a major upgrade of its irrigation system.

The Federation’s home grounds off Greenhill Road in central Adelaide had been watered by the same irrigation system for the past 25 years – and it showed.

As the organisation says:

“The previous system had limited capacity and was consistently breaking down, leading to significant maintenance costs.”

A major overhaul has fixed all that: there’s a whole new irrigation set-up in place, including connection to Adelaide’s GAP Pipeline.

The GAP project pipes recycled water from the Glenelg Waste Water Treatment Plant to Adelaide’s parklands.

As the FFSA confirms, the grounds are loving the change:

“The project will impact all levels of football from grassroots, juniors, women's football, multicultural groups to seniors, as well as providing higher-quality open space for residents and the wider community.”

As well as the environmental benefits of using recycled water, the project has delivered some significant financial wins:

*             Greater use of ‘brown’ water means the federation’s water rates have fallen

*             Because the grounds are in better condition, they’re now able to handle more traffic – which means more users, and more income. ORSR contributed $40,000, through the 2017-18 round of the Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program.