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Switched on

Switched on

New lights help take lacrosse club to next level

The Glenelg Lacrosse Club has a long-term vision for the future: for the past decade it’s been working steadily, and hard, to become the leading lacrosse club in Adelaide.

Now, to the delight of its nearly 300 members, the club has taken a big step towards achieving that ambition… at its West Beach home ground, the club is the proud new owner of a bank of high-powered lights.

The change has been tremendous. Previously the Glenelg LC had to hire additional lighting when it wanted to schedule night games; now it can put on night fixtures easily (it hosted a dozen night games this year), and open up its fields for extra practice too.

The extra game time and practice opportunities have given the Glenelg lacrosse lovers more chances to hone their skills under a range of conditions, year-round. (Not that they were slouches beforehand, but – after the lighting was installed - they did take out five premierships in season 2018!)

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing was instrumental in making the lighting project happen – it contributed $25,000, under Round 43 of the Active Club Program.

It’s part of an ongoing relationship with the club, one the Glenelg Lacrosse Club is keen to continue.

As spokesperson Steve Mortimer explains:

“We will now be focusing on our women's changerooms and the playing surface.

“I hope we can again work together on improving these in the future!”