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Renmark hits the mark with Tennis International

Renmark hits the mark with Tennis International

Riverland town firmly on Pro Tour tennis map

The Riverland town of Renmark has taken another big step towards lifting its national (and international) tennis profile.

Renmark is one of 17 regional and country centres on the Australian Pro Tour tennis circuit; each February it offers up-and-coming players a chance to gain valuable experience and earn tour ranking points (a prerequisite for entry into major tournaments around the world).

This year about one-third of the 100 competitors were internationals.

And – this year the tournament also featured a significant upgrade: thanks to the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing, the comp now has a professional-standard PA system which reaches all 16 courts. As well, it’s gained a new indoor/outdoor lounge for players to relax on between matches. (ORSR contributed $4,000 towards the upgrade.)

The Renmark Tintra Lawn Tennis Club says the improvements were a great fillip for players, and spectators – including the club’s many members and volunteers.

Local businesses have also been impressed: apart from helping create a more social atmosphere, the changes have made the facility more attractive for social and fundraising events. The word is, local businesses were extremely generous with their support at the 2018 championship; the door has also been opened to future marketing partnerships.

An immediate goal is to raise enough funds to light nine of the centre’s courts – something which will make the facility even more attractive year-round, and when it comes Pro Tour time again!