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Play ball

Play ball

Big team effort leads to futsal field of dreams

They began life as basketball and netball courts… Then they fell into disuse, and disrepair… No one loved them anymore.

Now, however… they’ve been ‘reborn’! As a fabulous futsal venue!!

Where? Blair Athol.

Who: The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing, the Port Adelaide Enfield Council, and the Federal Government.

What: Three old courts, rejuvenated and transformed into fully lit futsal ‘fields’.

(What’s futsal?? Five-a-side outdoor soccer, basically – played on small courts. Fast, furious, fun.)

The result: Lots of happy players, and a terrific hub for local residents, many of whom are recently settled migrants.

According to the Port Adelaide Enfield Council, promoting inclusiveness was a big aim when the project partners embarked on the initiative:

“As well as being available for day-to-day public use, the City of PAE will be teaming up with other organisations to run programs and outreach programs from this new sports facility.”


The total cost of the project was $520,000; ORSR contributed almost half that ($250,000 to be precise), through its Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program.

Games at the venue are being run by the charity One Culture Football. To find out more – or have a go – see https://www.facebook.com/oneculturefootballadelaide/.