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You won’t believe they’re not new!

You won’t believe they’re not new!

Netball courts get terrific transformation

The ‘before and after’ pics say it all: two tired old netballing nightmares transformed into smooth, safe, and just plain hot-to-trot, top-of-the-range playing courts.

Where: The Grange Uniting Netball Club, on Adelaide’s western shores.

Who: The movers and shakers in the club, who knew the old, cracked, dilapidated courts fast needed replacing.

How: Determination, + $75,000 in funding (including $20,000 from the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing, under Round 43 of our Active Club Program).

The background…

…The Grange Uniting Netball Club is a proud and popular club, with players from as young as six to those well into ‘senior’ status.

It’s also an old club (established in 1954).

But - that didn’t mean it had to put up with old, increasingly unsafe courts!

So, those old asphalt courts have been resurfaced – and reborn.

The future…

…Is looking fab!

The first games on the ‘new’ courts have just been played (the winter 2018 season began in early April), and the Grange club’s growing membership is rapt with the results.

The local Seaside Veterans Tennis Group is happy too, knowing there are no longer any tripping hazards.

And - another local tennis club is also interested in using the courts for their overflow games.

Oh what an outcome. Oh what a feeling!

Grange Netball Club