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Hitting it out of the park

Hitting it out of the park

The Seacombe Softball Club is officially at the top of its game – off the field at least!

The Seacombe Softball Club is officially at the top of its game – off the field at least!

Every aspect of the club’s operations has been scrutinised, analysed, and had the ORS ‘best practice’ ruler run over it… Now, at last, it has been granted… *drum roll please*…. full STARCLUB accreditation!!!

To find out what it all means – and what it could mean for your club – go to https://www.starclub.sa.gov.au/

Seacombe Tigers become SA’s ‘Recognised’ STARCLUB!

It’s like a personal trainer – for clubs!

‘It’ is the STARCLUB Club Development Program, an Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing program that helps sport and active recreation clubs perform at their best both on and off the field.

The latest club to be reach new heights via STARCLUB is the Seacombe Softball Club based in Adelaide’s inner south.

Four years ago the Tigers set their sights on really getting their act together behind the scenes: President at the time Kerrie Harriden, registered with STARCLUB and the club set about checking their structures, policies and processes against the STARCLUB checklist.

The Tigers ensured all their Committee was on board, attended City of Onkaparinga OACNET training & information sessions and wrote up new & improved policies to reflect the future focus and forward movement of the Club.

Greg Rusack, the succeeding President & Dan Carter, Club Secretary were instrumental in finalising the Strategic Plan & Risk Management Plan

Just recently the Tigers ticked off their last STARCLUB box and their ‘'Recognition' consultation with City of Onkaparinga STARCLUB officer and mentor Craig Hobart. Craig highlighted many things about the Tigers club including they -

  • now have a ‘well-defined’ and ‘high-level’ strategic plan
  • use the Softball SA pathway to provide great support to ‘Mum and Dad’ coaches
  • accredit all coaches, instructors and officials with Softball Australia
  • encourage young people to take up leadership roles including an U18 rep on the main committee
  • maintain a very open and culturally inclusive atmosphere for all
  • enhanced their strategies for recruitment and management of players, members and volunteers.

The club has also committed to staying at the top of its game: all the info in the STARCLUB program is regularly updated to reflect the best of what’s happening in club development, around SA and nationally. And – it’s all free!!

Want to become a STARCLUB club? Start here: https://www.starclub.sa.gov.au/

Seacombe Softball Club