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Golden day for vaulting champ Remkes

Golden day for vaulting champ Remkes

A nervewracking finish to the men's vault final saw Australian and SASI star Chris Remkes deliver under pressure to win a Commonwealth Games gold medal at the Coomera Indoor Sports Centre

URGED on by a vocal home crowd and a burning desire to succeed helped drive Australia's latest Commonwealth Games men's vault gold medalist Chris Remkes to victory at the Coomera Indoor Sports Centre.

Remkes, 21, often tagged as the ''pocket rocket'' of the sport, kept his nerve to pull off two outstanding vaults to finish with the highest average of 14.799 points to edge out English pair Courtney Tullock (14.666) and Dominick Cunningham (14.333).

The SASI scholarship holder, whose catchcry is ''go big or go huge'', said he was still trying to absorb his success.

''It is an astonishing feeling,'' Remkes said.

''It was a nervewracking day even though I went in to the final day confident. ''When I warmed up I felt good and I was confident I could do it.

''To do that before my family and with a huge support from my club, teammates and SASI and the atmosphere there was just brilliant.''

Only 1.8 points separated the top eight finishers in the final.

Remkes' victory was Australia's first gold medal in the men's vault since Bret Hudson won at the 1994 Commonwealth Games.

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Chris R medal

Photo credit: Gymnastics Australia