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Flying the flag

Flying the flag

Community tennis club sets the standard for professionalism

The Flagstaff Hill Tennis Club is in peak condition – and it now has official ‘STARCLUB’ recognition to prove it.

Not content with being an ‘ordinary’ STARCLUB – well-run, with the board and volunteers all committed to best practice and regular reviews – the Flagstaff Hill club decided to scale the STARCLUB summit! That meant opening itself to even greater scrutiny and ticking off even more STARCLUB boxes, including:

  • Upgrading the club constitution (it’s now reviewed annually before the AGM)
  • Developing and implementing a detailed strategic plan
  • Workshop education and training
  • Broad consultation and liaison with club members
  • Formulation of detailed policies and procedures
  • Lots more!!

The club says now that it’s achieved official recognition, the challenge of keeping it will be just what it needs (ie a constant kick in the pants as it strives for ongoing excellence!).

In purely monetary and bums-on-seats terms there’s a big benefit too: in the words of club officials, “The program will be recognised by key stakeholders, the local community and other tennis and sporting clubs, which will assist with funding opportunities, sponsorship and player participation.”

Want to join the STARCLUB family, or just want to know more? Go to https://www.starclub.sa.gov.au/.

Want to have a hit with the Flagstaff Hill tennis mob?? They have six all-weather hard courts, great facilities, and cater for serious, social and ‘not-sure’ players (there are regular competitions plus ‘Rusty Tennis’ if you’ve been out of it for a while or are just a beginner): https://www.flagstaffhilltennis.com.au/

Flagstaff Hill Tennis Club