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Young speedsters safe and seen while they race their machines

Young speedsters safe and seen while they race their machines

Big facilities upgrade at Sidewinders club

And the club said, ‘let there be light!’ – and with help from ORS, there was!

That’s the story at the Sidewinders U/16 Speedway Club at Wingfield in northern Adelaide, where, while the juniors were tearing up the track, things had fallen into a bit of disrepair behind the scenes.

Now the club’s HQ has been transformed.

One of the biggest changes is in the pits: race meets are at night-time, so visibility is crucial. New and upgraded electrical lighting in the pits means racers can now see – and be seen – much more easily.

There’s also improved lighting outside in the car parks.

The race track has had substantial repair work done on it too, as has the fencing around the track.

Vital and expensive equipment can now be stored securely; there’s a new shed for the club’s grader and water truck so they no longer have to be kept outside (where vandals have struck in the past).

Spectators have also been looked after: new airconditioning has been installed in the clubrooms, and the canteen has been upgraded so more food can be sold (a big revenue earner for the Sidewinders).

The Office for Recreation and Sport’s contribution to the works was $20,000, under Round 41 of the Active Club Program.