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Better berms… better traction… awesome action!

Better berms… better traction… awesome action!

BMX trackworks a boon for riders

It’s all well and good to have a great time tearing up the track on your BMX bike – but pity the people behind the scenes who have to get the track ready!

At Tea Tree Gully, in Adelaide’s north-east, the volunteers at the local BMX club used to have to spend ages preparing and sweeping the club’s unsealed berms every time there was training or a competition.

But wait!! Not sure what a berm is??

Answer: It’s a jump or raised corner/embankment on a racetrack. Corner berms, e.g., allow racers to take the corners at speed, and safely.

At Tea Tree Gully the unsealed berms used to get eroded by bad weather and constant wear and tear – so the attention and repair work they needed was also constant.

What a drag…

Fortunately, life for the BMX volunteers is now a whole lot easier: the Tea Tree Gully track now has concrete berms. (The project to seal them cost $40,000. Office for Recreation and Sport contributed $19,000 under Round 41 of the Active Club Program.)

Nowadays the riding is not only smoother and safer (no more slippery corners to slide out on) – it’s also faster! And – there’s a lot less maintenance needed.

The club says the whole community is loving the change: the Tea Tree Gully track is an ‘open’ track, so the hundreds of locals who use it each week have also scored a big win.

TTG Concrete Berms