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Better coaching pathways a win for all

Better coaching pathways a win for all

Big increase in Little Athletics coaches! 146 new coaches are on the track and in the field after Little Athletics SA rolled out a series of high level coaching courses

Little Athletics SA has done its homework – and now it’s getting the rewards.

In 2015 Little Athletics SA was facing a problem: lots of athletes (8,000 boys and girls across the state), but too many were dropping out.

An investigation showed things weren’t likely to change unless there was a big rise in the number and quality of Little A’s coaches. (In 2015 LASA had only 39 accredited coaches - a ratio of one coach for every 205 athletes.)

The answer? The Coaches Pathway Program!

A big feature has been the rolling out of a series of high-level coaching courses: three in regional areas (Loxton, Whyalla and Kadina), and four in metropolitan Adelaide. With help from ORS ($10,000 in 2016-17), one participant from each of the state’s 54 Little Athletics centres was able to attend free of charge.

The results have been extremely impressive: altogether, 146 new coaches have been trained and up-skilled, and are now coaching at their centres.

The verdict from one participant: “Funding through programs like this is helping me in achieving my goals, and hopefully along the way, other athletes and the broader community too.” Even better, ORS has signalled its ongoing commitment to the program - in 2017-18 it will contribute another $10,000 to keep the supply of new coaches coming!

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