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Food, fun, hammers and hip hop

Food, fun, hammers and hip hop

Grab your hammer… grab your dancing shoes… bring your thirst. It’s time to hit the croquet greens!

Hammer Time is the new and very popular version of croquet that combines a whole bunch of non-traditional elements – even hip hop! For more, see (link)…

There’s a revolution afoot in the world of croquet – and it’s called ‘Hammer Time’.

Play this version of croquet and you’ll still have to try to hit a ball through a hoop with a hammer (or mallet). But you’ll also find plenty of drinks, food, prizes and fun - even hip hop (or should that be - ahem – ‘hip hoop’) music.

Not surprisingly Hammer Time is bringing croquet to a wider and younger audience: Croquet SA’s Hammer Time Facebook page now has nearly 1,100 likes , a great social media effort!

Part of the appeal of the Friday-night phenomenon is its relaxed atmosphere; coaching is at hand, but the emphasis is very much on enjoyment and companionship. (The games are shorter too.)

One of the biggest success stories so far has been the Holdfast Bay club, which a few years ago was down to just six members. At the end of last year the club began a Hammer Time program; its member numbers have since jumped to 50.

Norwood is also experiencing a Hammer Time-driven resurgence (100 members), as is North Adelaide (70 members).

The Office for Recreation and Sport is thrilled with the results: over the past three years it’s given Croquet SA $60,000 as part of its Development and Inclusion Program to develop Hammer Time.

That money has helped pay for implementation and promotion the program, and provide training to help clubs embrace the concept.

Cathy Leske from Croquet SA says changing the traditional croquet mindset with Hammer Time is “a long-term process, a huge learning curve – but we’re really getting there!”

To find your nearest Hammer Time hangout, go to https://www.facebook.com/HammerTimeCroquet/