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SA rugby referee rules the roost

SA rugby referee rules the roost

Think you’re a rugby aficionado?? Watch out for the name Quentin Fleischfresser! He’s the new go-to man for Australia’s wheelchair rugby referees, and he hails from South Australia. More at (link)…

Fleischfresser wins national wheelchair rugby role

Long-time SA rugby referee Quentin Fleischfresser is the new go-to man for Australia’s wheelchair rugby referees.

Fleischfresser has just been appointed National Wheelchair Rugby Referee Coordinator, a role which gives him responsibility for ensuring the ongoing development of Australia’s wheelchair rugby refs and officials.

Fleischfresser brings many years of experience with rugby in South Australia, including roles in referee coordination, referee coaching and administration.

Disability Recreation and Sports SA was able to recruit and retain Quentin as a local wheelchair rugby referee, with help from the Office for Recreation and Sport; for the past three years ORS has given DRSSA $10,000 per year to help run its Wheelchair Rugby Development program.

Once under the DRSSA umbrella, Quentin rapidly progressed from local to regional to national competitions, where his talents were spotted by wheelchair rugby’s headhunters.

Quentin says he’s looking forward to doing his own talent-spotting and talent-nurturing, to make sure the next generation of wheelchair rugby refs is ready to hit the courts and help the rapidly growing sport become even more popular. To find out more http://www.drssa.org.au/