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Berm baby berm!

Berm baby berm!

New trackwork makes Happy Valley BMXers even happier!!

Major improvements to the racetrack at an Adelaide BMX club have added a new dimension of speed – and safety.

The Happy Valley BMX Club has just spent $52,000 on a big upgrade of its track (ORS contributed $20,000 under Round 39 of the Active Club Program).

The biggest difference is the new, sealed berms.

‘Berms’ are jumps and raised corners or embankments on a racetrack. Corner berms allow racers to take the corners at speed, safely.

Until the recent upgrade, Happy Valley’s BMXers rode on all-dirt track, which was inherently less stable and subject to erosion (from the elements, and constant use).

The biggest change with the new works has been the bitumenisation of the track’s berms, and the 6m-wide sections of track leading into them.

But just adding a layer of bitumen wasn’t enough: the track foundations also had to be redone, with the addition of proper road-standard fill and rubble for extra stability and durability.

It was a time-consuming project, but according to the club absolutely worth it. Already its riders have noticed a big improvement in skills and confidence: for example last year a junior rider came 7th at the nationals on an interstate track with bitumen berms - this year he went back and blitzed his age group, coming first!

Think you might have what it takes? The Happy Valley club is always after new members, so don’t be shy. (Members range from 4 years old, to 60!) Check out: http://www.bmxsa.com.au/happyvalley/clubhome.aspx.