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Vision, volunteers & energy: the Penola recipe for swimming success

Vision, volunteers & energy: the Penola recipe for swimming success

Can do it… will do it!  That pretty much sums up the attitude of the Penola Amateur Swimming Club, one of the newest members of the STARCLUB family.

The Penola Amateur Swimming Club has made a big impression on the STARCLUB family!

From not having reviewed its constitution for 10 years… to realising it needed to freshen up and sharpen up…. to actually doing something about it… the club has been a model of dedication and action.

According to the official papers signing off on its STARCLUB membership, once it committed to the STARCLUB process the Penola club displayed an absolute willingness to tick off everything on the program’s checklist.

That meant:

  • Reviewing and overhauling all its policies
  • Making sure all coaches and committee members completed anti-doping and match-fixing training
  • Committing to reviewing its constitution annually
  • Creating more opportunities for professional development for volunteers
  • Making sure it has an ‘excellent’ disability action plan
  • Plenty more!

A key factor in helping the club achieve its goals was this: from the get-go, and in all it did, the club’s members were 100% behind it. In fact its STARCLUB membership approval papers say the club has “…a wonderfully hardworking committee and band of volunteers.”

High praise indeed. Absolutely deserved indeed. But there’s more… The STARCLUB papers also say, “The club is extremely organised and provides a wonderful atmosphere for people to train. Their attention to detail in all areas of the running of the club is exemplary.”

Congratulations - and very well done - to the hardworking swimmers of Penola, model STARCLUB members!

Penola Amateur Swimming Club