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Coming, sooner than you expected – solo squash!

Coming, sooner than you expected – solo squash!

…and lots more (phase one is just around the corner!)

The day is rapidly nearing when Adelaide’s squash players will be able to play solo – and Tonsley Park is where it will happen.

The first stage in a new state-of-the-art squash complex at Tonsley will be unveiled next month, when a brand-new glass-walled squash ‘show court’ is officially opened.

The heavy, reinforced glass will afford a terrific view of the on-court action: the glass is translucent, meaning spectators (on new, raised viewing decks) will be able to see in, but the players won’t be able to see out (and thus won’t get distracted if the spectators get too carried away).

In time, badminton courts and table tennis and gym facilities will be added, and there’ll also be mini inflatable squash courts (for when school groups visit).

It’s all happening because of funding from ORS; over three years the Office for Recreation and Sport is giving Squash SA $45,000 as part of its Sport and Recreation Development and Inclusion Program. The aim: to not only establish squash programs at the former Mitsubishi site at Tonsley, but introduce new technology to make it easier for people to play squash there.

Ultimately, that means taking the game to a whole new level.

The most ambitious goal: adding a data projector above the squash court, to project moving images onto the court wall.

The idea is that it will be kind of like a giant Wii game – except, unlike a Wii, when a player fires at a target (in a Space Invaders-type game, for instance), they’ll be able to smash it with a real ball!

(Great for improving your accuracy, but most of all – fun!)

Right now that ‘Digital Age’ squash is still a way off – but in the meantime squash-lovers will have plenty to keep them happy. When the new court opens, it will be available 24/7; it’ll be bookable online; and players will be able to stream their favourite music while they whack away on-court. And, if they’re dead keen on improving their technique, they’ll also be able to record their games via an on-court monitoring system, so they can dissect their moves later on!

Visit http://sa.squash.org.au/

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