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Netball club lauds STARCLUB ‘get fit’ program

Netball club lauds STARCLUB ‘get fit’ program

Admin checklist & support help whip club into shape

STARCLUB is kind of like a personal trainer – but for sporting clubs and associations.

When a club decides it wants to take the next step administratively and professionally, the STARCLUB team swings into action.

No more taking the easy way out, no more “it’s too much effort”, no more “that’ll do”!

The first step in the STARCLUB ‘get fit’ program is a 25-point checklist – 25 objective measurements about how a club is doing when it comes to its policies, its constitution, its finances, its… well, everything!

For the Willunga Netball Club, ticking off those 25 checks has meant reviewing its operations, attending training sessions with the local council, lots of consultation and discussion (and transparency) with members… and heaps more.

The results have been fantastic.

“Previously we would make our way through the year tackling issues as they arose the best way we could,” said a Willunga spokesperson.

“Now we have gone through the STARCLUB process we have policies and procedures in place to support decision making… and also to keep us in check to make sure all our decisions are fair and equitable.

“Where members are dissatisfied with a decision we have clear processes for managing their grievances.”

Having passed the STARCLUB fitness regimen – and with STARCLUB still there to give ongoing support and advice – the Willunga Netball Club now is also better positioned to seek funding for a much-needed upgrade of its clubrooms.

As Willunga’s STARCLUB report says, “Their enthusiasm to improve their governance was evident”: now the club is not just ambitious, but fighting fit!