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Golf club taking major steps to avoid hazards

Golf club taking major steps to avoid hazards

STARCLUB on hand to navigate hidden obstacles, traps

Of course we’re talking about all those traps and hazards off the greens - things like: making sure your administrative practices are sound; ensuring your policies are in place and up to date; being spot-on with your legal obligations.

No wonder they’ve been so busy down at Kingston Southeast!

When the town’s local golf club decided it was time to spruce things up – administratively - it turned to the STARCLUB team. And so began a process of ticking all the STARCLUB boxes to ensure the club was absolutely meeting all its responsibilities.

Obstacles ironed out, traps noted and avoided, happily the Kingston SE Golf Club is now officially accredited as a STARCLUB. (Thankfully the STARCLUB process turned out to be a whole lot easier than navigating that giant gum tree sticking up right in the middle of the fairway on the Kingston SE course’s 18th hole!!)

One of the most immediate benefits has been that the club is now in the running for more funding from ORS (the Office for Recreation and Sport). That’ll help realise the club’s ongoing development and renewal plans (at the moment it’s very close to finishing its eight-year-long redevelopment of the entire 18 holes.)

Then there are all the benefits generally of having a better-run club. Staff and committee members, for instance, are now much better aware of their responsibilities.

News of the change is spreading to other clubs and visitors, which is fantastic – though it also means club members might have a bit more competition when it comes to using their picturesque course!

Kingston SE Golf Club