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Making a good club great

Making a good club great

‘Stand-out’ club signs up to STARCLUB

‘One of the friendliest and most organised bowling clubs on the Fleurieu Peninsula’… ‘Vibrant, friendly and welcoming’… ‘Positive, passionate, organised’…

So reads the STARCLUB ‘report card’ for the Port Elliot Bowling Club – and that was before it gained official STARCLUB status!!

Wondering why a club like that feels it needs to sign up for STARCLUB oversight and tutelage? The answer is in another report card quote: namely, the club’s “commitment to continuous improvement”.

Yes, the folk at the Port Elliot Bowling Club have no intention of resting on their laurels.

According to a spokesperson, “We wanted to know that we were covering all bases administratively and were creating the best sporting environment for our members.”

In their bid to make their club one that members and the local community could be proud of, Port Elliot’s bowlers spent two years revamping its rules and regulations, tightening up and reworking policies (and the club Constitution), and generally crossing all the t’s and dotting all the i’s in the STARCLUB ‘how-to’ handbook.

Along the way they also found time to start a Friday-night Junior Bowls program, take part in Alexandrina Council’s Community ACTIVE Program, deliver a five-week introductory program aimed at primary school children, and introduce a ‘buddy’ system for new members.

All that in one of SA’s most scenic locations, right on the shore at Horseshoe Bay!!

No wonder the Port Elliot Bowling Club is rated one of the brightest ‘students’ in the STARCLUB system!

(And yet… with that track record, and with the STARCLUB program’s ongoing support, who would doubt the PEBC can reach even grander heights?!)

Port Elliot Bowling Club