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Steering a course for success

Steering a course for success

Powerblades dragon-boaters getting all ship-shape

It takes a lot of teamwork and coordination to power a dragon boat: when it comes to steering a dragon boat club, it’s no different!

The Powerblades Dragon Boat Club, based at Adelaide’s West Lakes, has enjoyed decades of success since it began in 1989. To make sure that keeps happening, and that the club runs well and keeps growing, last year it joined the STARCLUB family.

With plenty of policy templates, support and STARCLUB resources on offer, the club says it can already see a big difference:

  • Planning has got better (there’s now a club Strategic Plan, developed with plenty of input from ‘ordinary’ members during a club planning session)
  • The club’s leadership is developing, and is better supported
  • There’s greater transparency about where the club is going, and better two-way communication (the leadership regularly seeks input and feedback from members).

Running the organisation hasn’t becoming boring and all business though: the Powerblades like winning, but they say they’re also a friendly bunch who welcome all-comers, and in the end just love getting out on the water.

They’re determined that’s one thing that won’t change!

To find out more about what goes on at ‘the friendly club’ (the Powerblades’ motto) – and how STARCLUB has helped it - go to: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=powerblades%20dragon%20boat%20club%20sa

Powerblades Dragonboat Regatta