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New spotlight on lacrosse

New spotlight on lacrosse

Light towers help secure sport’s future in Adelaide

The sport of lacrosse has taken a big step forwards, with the installation of two new light towers at its West Beach base.

ORS was instrumental in kick-starting the development, according to Stephen Mortimer from the ‘GLC Airport Community’. (In full, that’s ‘Glenelg Lacrosse Club Airport Community’… Several years back the lacrosse side of the organisation combined with the ‘Airport Community’, a social club for airport workers, to build a single, more financially viable group.)

ORS’ contribution to the $92,000 light tower project was just shy of $16,000; crucially though, the ORS grant came first:

“Pretty much it all started from ORS giving us the grant,” says Stephen Mortimer. “It was a sign of confidence in the project. The other funding groups then got on board.”

The small but passionate band of lacrosse enthusiasts now has a home ground with four light towers, meaning all points of the field are covered.

“We’ve gone from having no night games possible, to now having state night games, and we’ve doubled the training area,” Mr Mortimer says.

The upgrade also makes the ground more attractive to other potential users, which is actually good news for the GLC Airport Community team.

How so? The team leases its site, but uses it mainly only in winter; if more users can be found for the leaner summer months, that will bring in more income for the site’s private owner, meaning it’s more likely to keep the lacrosse group as a long-term tenant.

A brighter future indeed!

GLC Airport Community