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Return of the lost Venturers

Return of the lost Venturers

Better gear signals resurgence of interest from senior Scouts

The acquisition of top-notch gear and the promise of more activities are luring older teenagers back to an inner-city Adelaide Scout troop.

The Fullarton Scout Group began in 1926, and was a hive of activity for much of its existence – until, over the past decade, its numbers rapidly dwindled.

This was especially so in the older age bracket, with teenagers drifting off to pursue other interests: at one stage the group had no Venturers (ages 15 to 18).

Now Venturer numbers are back in double figures, thanks in large part to the purchase of brand-new single-person tents, complete with ground mats and storage bags.

The tents mean Venturer members can go camping and on other expeditions, providing an attractive alternative to non-Scouting teen-focused activities.

Five multi-person tents have also been purchased for other age groups in the Fullarton Scout Group; that’s helped the group’s overall numbers skyrocket too.

The new gear cost $5,400, with ORS paying $5,000 of that out of its Active Club Program.

Want more info about the Fullarton group? Or just some ideas to keep older teens happy and engaged? Visit http://fullarton.sa.scouts.com.au/

Fullarton Scout Group