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Live long - play ping pong

Live long - play ping pong

Successful reno project has club packing them in

How often does it happen that a small reno project becomes a big reno project??

When the Woodville District Table Tennis Club added a couple of courts a while ago, it was no different…

Bumping up the number of courts from 10 to 12 meant the lighting for the playing area suddenly wasn’t so good – with a bigger area to illuminate, it was too uneven.

With help from the Office for Recreation and Sport, the lighting has been upgraded and the problem fixed.

But wait! That’s not all.

The flooring at the club – the home of table tennis in SA – has been resurfaced with extra-durable paint, ensuring players don’t slip and slide all over the place, and reducing floor maintenance by 75%.

The old, rarely-used office has also had a makeover: it’s now a professional-looking ‘Tournament Control Office’, and a Pro Shop has been set up as well, allowing the club to display its equipment securely.

The Woodville ping-pongers say their clubhouse is now in absolutely tip-top condition and ready to be shown off at its annual marquee event, the Winter Pennant Grand Final.

(Yes, next winter is a long way off, but in the meantime the club’s members are enjoying getting in plenty of practice.)

As spokesperson Nada Hardi says, “It has enabled our club volunteers to play more, work less - now that's truly a major success!”

(The total reno bill: a touch over $17,000. ORS’ contribution: $7,300, through Round 39 of the Active Club Program.)

Woodville District Table Tennis Club