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'Tap into the GAP' a winning strategy for tennis devotees

'Tap into the GAP' a winning strategy for tennis devotees

Lawn tennis club switches to recycled water to cut costs

An Adelaide tennis club is hoping to cut its water bill by two-thirds, by tapping into the city’s recycled water supply.

The Millswood Lawn Tennis Club has just connected to the GAP (Glenelg to Adelaide Parklands) pipeline, which carries recycled and treated water from Glenelg to the inner city.

ORS contributed $9,400 to the $21,500 project, under its Active Club Program.

The project brings plenty of benefits, including:

  • It helps future-proof the club against any restrictions on mains water usage.
  • It’s a winner environmentally; because the GAP pipeline uses recycled water, it’s not a drain on valuable natural resources like the River Murray.
  • At one-third the cost of mains water, it will mean big savings on future water bills (last financial year alone the club’s bill was $7,500, making it the club’s second-greatest expense).

The club says fewer financial imposts will hopefully also allow it to keep membership fees down – good news generally for its 100+ members, but especially for its retirees and other veterans (who find the softer surface easier on their joints than hardcourts).

(NB: the club’s oldest member is 91; the second-youngest a spritely 80-something!)

Interested in swelling the club’s playing ranks? Or becoming the ‘new’ oldest player, even?? Visit www.millswoodlawntennisclub.com/

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