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Order! Order on the court!

Order! Order on the court!

Young SA referee all set to judge ins and outs at volleyball nationals

Coloured Shirt 

19-year-old Jacalyn Pickering will take centre stage when she debuts as a national referee at the Australian Junior Volleyball Championships.

It’s an impressive feat for the young Adelaide woman: a little over four years ago she hadn’t even officiated at a match.

Beginning as a 14-year-old Jacalyn spent two years learning her craft through the Coloured Shirt Program, being named ‘Best Referee in the Junior League’ for 2015.

Jacalyn is now also accredited as a referee for the seniors comp in SA’s State League.

Understandably, she’s thrilled to get the gig at the national juniors.

She says her time in the Coloured Shirt Program, which provides support and mentoring for beginner match officials, was invaluable.

And, she says, the green shirt beginners wear, also served as an important reminder to spectators and participants to give her the room to learn, and make mistakes.

“It [the CSP] is really good. It definitely helps your confidence, especially when you’re starting.

“It gave me the confidence to make calls, and the coaches were more patient, giving you the space to make up your own mind.

“They didn’t get as frustrated if you made the wrong call.”

Jacalyn says the national junior championships will be intense, with referees alternating between the first and second referee positions, and being on-call between 8am and 10pm.