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Still making it easier being green

Still making it easier being green

Coloured Shirt program opportunities to expand in 2017

Coloured Shirt logo 

The Office for Recreation and Sport is putting out the call: SA needs more umpires and referees wearing green shirts in 2017!

Green not your favourite colour? Don’t know what green shirts have got to do with sports officiating?

It’s simple: green is the colour of choice for new and inexperienced umpires and referees taking part in the Coloured Shirt program.

These beginners’ green (‘coloured’) shirts are like ‘L’ plates, letting players, spectators and other officials know that they’re still learning the ropes – and therefore need more leeway and support.

28 sports are involved in the ORS-backed initiative, including a few who have been involved for 10 years or more.

Each young match official in the program receives ongoing mentoring and guidance.

Essentially, it’s about trying to ensure newcomers to match officiating get more respect – so they’ll continue to officiate, and learn. (Too often, unsupported – and unprotected - beginner officials get burned by bad player and spectator behaviour, and just give it away.)

Would this program suit your sport?

Agreements for current Coloured Shirt sports come up for renewal in October. New sports are more than welcome to sign up too.  State Sporting Organisations are encouraged to contact Jodie Freund to register their interest: jodie.freund@sa.gov.au

If you’re not sure if the program would suit your sport, have a look at our website.

And – go green!