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Diversity: It's more than ticking a box! Speeches and presentations

Diversity: It's more than ticking a box! Speeches and presentations

Here are the speeches from the 2016 Diversity Conference including Keynote Speaker Stan Grant and much more.

At this years 'Diversity: It’s more than ticking a box!' conference attendees heard from keynote speaker Stan Grant, Leading SA Harness Driver Dani Hill, Gold & Silver Paralympian medallist Felicity Johnson OAM, Adelaide 36ers Coach Joey Wright, Indigenous Marathon Project Graduate Ruth Wallace, Oliver & Thompson Consultancy Dr Paul Oliver, PricewaterhouseCoopers Susan Price, Inclusive Sport SA Stephanie Greenland Netball Australia Julia Symons. The speeches can be accessed on the ORS/SASI YouTube channel below.


The conference aimed to provide;

*             an insight into why Diversity is ‘more than just ticking the box’

*             practical examples of organisations who are leading the way

*             diversity should not require multiple approaches, lets move away from silos

*             tools to assist with identifying a place to start your journey

*             an understanding of the challenges as well as the opportunities for Diversity within your organisation

*             solutions that are easier than you think to implement

The presentations from Oliver & Thompson Consultancy, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Inclusive Sport SA and Netball Australia are available below.

Inclusive Sport SA PDF, 1692.63 KB

Netball  Australia PDF, 1447.25 KB

Paul Oliver PDF, 2233.49 KB

Pricewaterhouse Coopers PDF, 304.48 KB