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“Big makeover for southern sports ground”

“Big makeover for southern sports ground”

“It’s great to touch - and play on - the green green grass of Aldinga Oval!”

Aldinga Oval

Photo courtesy of Onkaparinga Magazine April 2016

 A popular southern Adelaide oval is greener and lusher, and far less bumpy, thanks to a major upgrade of its irrigation system - and 200 tonnes of fresh topsoil.

In recent years Aldinga Oval has suffered because of drier conditions, and a drop in the availability of bore water (as well as a drop in its quality).

The oval’s also been a victim of its own popularity, with more and more groups using the ground, adding to the strain on it.

Recent improvements (worth $165,000) include:

  • State-of-the-art irrigation technology; Onkaparinga Council staff will be able to turn on the system without leaving their offices, simply by using a website!
  •  A new salinity monitor, so staff can tell when to adjust the mix of bore and mains water
  • Soil aeration, so more water can get into the soil – and stay there
  • Sowing fresh grass to increase turf coverage (and laying instant turf where necessary)
  • More topsoil, to flatten out uneven areas
  • Better lighting for training.

Local sports groups say the initiative has made a dramatic difference. And things will only get better: the playing surface is expected to be in peak condition once the oval has a full growing season under its belt, in autumn 2017.

The Office for Recreation and Sport contributed $85,000 to the oval upgrade, as part of its Community Recreation and Sports Facilities Program.